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Pat Perito


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I was an R.N. in my earlier life. I became interested in metalsmithing in 1974 after collecting several strands of African trading beads and other beads from all over the world from which I designed about two hundred necklaces.  After three years of metal classes at Montgomery College, I began working with enamels in 1980. It is a real joy to work with color.

Enameling is a good fit for me because I am strongly influenced by accidental occurrences and I like to experiment. The kiln offers many accidental occurrences, but I have learned in art as in life you have to accept risk and failure in order to move ahead.  Sometimes we have to play the game of life with sweaty palms!  After ten years of part time classes in the Art Department at Montgomery College I set up my own studio at home.  I continue to take enamel workshops all over the U.S whenever possible.

Being an enamellist has been a wonderful part of my life and it has been enhanced for over twenty years by being a part of a jewelry group know as Pleiades.